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The Event ABC

Who does not know that:

Suddenly a term emerges that one has heard, but just can not assign!

The Event ABC explains words of the catering and event scene.

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Chafing Dish

Containers for ready-produced food. They can be heated electrically or with gel fuel. There are different containers in different sizes according to the Gastronorm.



GN is the short form for Gastronorm and is a standard size for kitchen equipment such as baking trays, cart, chafing dishes oder Ähnliches.



Acronym for Road Manager. A "Roadie" is a helper at a live performance of a band, for example.

Rig / Rigging

In the field of event technology, the rig is tantamount to the suspension of loads. Rigging designates the building process.



Vegan means that the used food contain no animal products - no milk, honey or eggs. In catering this means that many new recipes and variants can be tested and the variety and complexity of recipes increases.

Those who live vegan, this way of life refers to the holistic life and not only the way to eat.

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