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Barracuda Barcatering

Bartender, Drinks, mobile Bars, Workshops

Barracuda is bar catering at its best, offering unique cocktails!
From the appropriate bar module via drinks and cocktails right down to the bar staff – with more than 400 events a year and a selection of over 100 drinks and cocktails, Barracuda is one of the most experienced and best-known bar caterers in Germany.
Benefit from the expertise of our Chamber of Commerce certified bar professionals with international experience.

Full Service

Prime Catering will create the catering concept and BARRACUDA the Barcatering- concept, the bar design and branding elements of your logo.

We care about the completion, construction and delivery and enjoy finest food and drinks.


  • Bar modules for hire
  • Professional barmaids and bartenders
  • Show barkeeping with the German champion and runner-up
  • Bar menu, cocktails, drinks - organised down to the last detail
  • Baristas, espresso coffee machines, coffee machines, latte type
  • Workshops - learn the art of mixing cocktails for yourself