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The Story of Berlin

Unconventional. Experience. Museum.

The interactive museum is not a conventional place, where the guests were "tortured" with a series of years, but rather they come closer by stressing all sense of local history. A place that is venue and social program simultaneously. The following types of events are available:

  • Reception in the "Time Tunnel" (up to 150 people)
  • Dinner in the "Divided City" (up to 80 people seated) sitzend)
  • the fallout shelter (250 people seated)
  • Guided tours (bookable in 13 languages)

TIME TUNNEL 30-150 pax

Over 20 artistic designed theme rooms stretch over two floors inside the exhibition. The first floor begins with the city’s founding and ends with the Roaring Twenties.

It is the perfect setting for a get-together at bar tables and some seating (such as a lounge version).

DIVIDED CITY 10-80 pax

This room features original segments of the Berlin Wall and the authentic limousine of Erich Honecker. Later on you start a short guided tour through the nearby nuclear shelter during the midnight hours, which could be one of the thrilling highlights of the evening.

Nuclear Bomb Shelter 80-350 pax

An original “Bunker” is situated right beneath the busy Kurfürstendamm. Still functional and equipped with all necessary supply engines it stands out as a reminder of Cold War in Berlin. Without question, it is a bizarre but very impressive venue for an event which wants to be extraordinary


We love cooking for you! Whether menu, dinner or gala dinner, live cooking in the bunker, or 20s party with delicious finger food and casino night.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.